About us

Exellence Is Tradition 

Established in 1899, Dittmar & Indrenius is one of the very oldest law firms in Finland. Over the years the firm has established itself as leader within the employment and pensions law practice. Today Dittmar & Indrenius continues to strive to be the best long-term law firm partner in Finland for demanding corporate clients. We are dedicated to the interest of our clients and delivering a quality service. The challenges of our clients are our challenges. We always aim to find lasting solutions that are in the best interest of our clients. 

Culture, Values & Team Spirit 

We are guided by our values, our unique culture and our team spirit. We are proud of the heritage that distinguishes us from other law firms. Although we have inherited many of our important values, we actively question old and existing ideas and seek to develop our culture so that it best supports our quest for excellence. 

Even though we are ambitious and goal-oriented in our work, we take pride in supporting and assisting each other in all challenges we face. Our flat organisational strucutre and informal way of working encourage us to team work and to finding the best and most creative solutions to the challenges our clients face and to the development of our organisation. 

Sustainability & CSR

We bring our contribution to people and organisations who work hard for the things we blieve in. We have chosen our pro bono partners, WWF Finland, Crisis Management Initiative, Finnish Hospital Clowns Association and Ronald McDonald House so that we may contribute to their efforts. We are inspired by the people and organisations we co-operate with and are happy to bring our knowledge to use where it may make a difference.